Dr. Amjad Sabir

Greetings from Cihan University-Erbil ..

Cihan University-Erbil  has  adopted the  scientific research which is based on advanced information technology as a motto since its foundation in 2007 .This will, in turn, secure the  labor  market  increasing needs with human resources  who are academically qualified .The university is also known for  its professional skills  which are required for guaranteeing job opportunities in a massively competitive market . It was always a priority for  Cihan University –Erbil to be a contributing factor in enriching the society and  improving it .This  required adopting a clear  and strict strategy in serving the society, starting from the noticeable horizontal development in the number of the  university scientific departments which became 21 in the year 2018 including 5279 students ,222 lecturers, and tens of technicians and employees. As for the vertical development, it is represented through the adoption of accumulative process in the curricula in both theory and practice .The above mentioned information has contributed to the fact that Cihan University-Erbil became a firm mark in the record of Higher Education in the Kurdistan Region particularly and in Iraq generally.

Asst. Prof. Amjad Sabir Al-Dalawi, Ph.D
President of Cihan University-Erbil